Mekong fruit farm. Refer to Mekong Delta, beside floating market, cajuput forest, stork gardens … The fruit orchards are also one of the attractive places for tourists to visit. Because the terrain of the Mekong is mainly rivers and canals. So every year it accretes a large amount of alluvium. Since then, taking advantage of that strength, people have cultivated many delicious fruits and gradually formed famous famous Mekong fruit farm. Mekong Delta tours are considered as great choices for lots of travelers who wish to come to Vietnam just within a few days. With the advantageous location which is around the Ho Chi Minh City – the Vietnam’s center of economy, politics, culture, science, etc., the Mekong Delta with attractions and fascinating features is surely ideal for any avid traveler, for sure. One suggestion to perfect the tours mentioned here is a range of fruit orchards in the Mekong Delta below:

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